Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What!? I applied to, what is this... ARTSCAPE! Yes! After seeing my true man of inspiration yesterday (Jean-Baptiste, Squidfire man) he kicked my butt into reality, and made me realize that I should apply to artscape and not mess around with the DC CraftMafia. After spending the time with Jean I looked up the due date for the application knowing it was soon. However, I didn't know it was due in 40 some hours. HOURS! So I booked it. My back is now in pain, and I feel like a mad man for making a mock booth in that short amount of time. I am proud of the out come! and more so glad that I applied. It made me realize I need to stop messing around. The reason I am unemployed is so I can dive full heartedly into my Mal's Pals.
Thanks JB for whipping me into shape, and for always being there for a helping hand!

-Ya'lls Pal Mal

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