Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Double Weaving Artist Makes an Impression

Stumbling upon her website I could not help myself but to be inspired by her weavings. She hand paints her warp to create a double cloth weaving. It was too good to keep to myself so I had to share with you my findings.


Enjoy Susan Neal's work!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My first show

Finally I got around to up loading images from the December show. Here are a few images taken at the show. Also more images of the event can be found on this website http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=352138&id=252286270122&ref=mf


Realizing that I have only been weaving for about 4 months, and only owned my personal loom for about 3 I realize that I was crazy for trying to pull something professional in about two months. I had a lot of fun and learn a lot from doing the event. I will be looking for more shows to travel to this summer, and will be weaving like mad within the next few months to met deadlines. 
I am pushing professionalism like its a freight train. I just hope that there is no crash in the end. 
Once again I thank everyone who is helping me to reach my dream. It means a lot to see people care about my future and help me in anyway they can. 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weaving brings Rwanda back to life after a genocide

The women that are coming together to weave my seem like a situation that would never come about. The women that sit side by side may have had a family member killed by the family member of another women sitting next to them. In other circumstances being in the same room may be a problem, but here they all see that they are in poverty and weaving is a way to get out of the situation.
Reading this story made me think about the deconstruction of oneself and of a community, and how they are able to pull themselves together in order to better one another. It is a touching story. One which I will think about for awhile.
Here is a link which I found the story.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My first

I must start by saying thank you boys for allowing me to be apart of such a wonderful event. I did enjoy my time talking to other venders, weavers and those in the community. Some out comes from the event of course were sold weavings and books, and talking to people of importance. Wayne (from Creative Alliance) came to my booth telling me that I should apply to be a resident in there program after MICA. I personally never thought of going to Creative Alliance after graduating only because I want to get my business going, but this is free housing... soooo just maybe I will look at them again. 
I also got to talk to Jennifer Strong!!! She was in eye view the whole time! During the show I had a cute older couple come up to me saying that the women had been eyeing the one scarf that I had just sold and she didn't want another to sell before she got one. So she bought one from me. Well, she and I started talking, and come to find out SHE WAS JENNIFER STRONG'S MOTHER! Go figure. So once she told me that I had to spill and tell her that I was in love with her daughter and knew all about her, and later that is when Jen came up to me and talked about the puppet show we had done together with one of the Squifire boys. Of course I still never told her that I admire her and want to be her. I am sure her parents told her, or maybe she heard from my own mouth when I got so excited. Eh, either way it is exciting that her mother will be wearing a piece of art that I made. 
I was a little upset that Jean never made it around to see my booth, but it was all ok I guess when Kevin came over (Jean and Kevin are the Squidfire boys, who put on the event, and whom I work with). Kevin loved my scarfs and later told me they were beautiful. I told him that I didn't weave the scarfs myself, that I had my foreign  baby weave them for me. Which is a running joke that he got a kick out of. 
When leaving I made sure that I got my hair cut from the free hair cutting people. Whom come to find out do 10-15 dollar hair cuts in general. So, now I know where I am getting my hair cut from now on! I am no longer doing it my self. I mean that day I got a free hair cut and styling for free! I made sure to give them chocolate after all was done. 
I also made sure to tell the boys that I loved them, cause I do! They are doing so much for me, and I feel like my services will never match up to what they are giving me. I know some people may have issues with the boys (of which I don't know specifics), but they really do have kind hearts and fun personalities. I can only hope that our relationship will continue to grow, and that future shows will continue to come about. In the meantime I will continue to sell my books in their store and continue to work in the store (located in Hampden). As well as reminding them to love me because I love them. Although them loving me comes natural. One more so then the other, but that is just cause gay men love me, and that is a different story all on its own.
To wrap up this event I will say it was a great learning experience, a success in selling work, and thumbs up for meeting old and new friends. Once again I can't say it enough I love you Kevin Sherry and Jean Baptiste Regnard.  

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Art Mart

The time has come for my work to pay off. In a week I will be selling my weavings and books at the Holiday Art Mart (compliments to Squidfire). I have been working non-stop on my loom to have enough to fill my 10x10 space. I am excited to see the outcome of my hard work, and hopefully Jean Baptiste will invite me to another show in the future. I gotta love my Squidfire boys.

If anyone wants to travel out to the show it will be held at the DuBurns Arena at 1301 S. Ellwood Street in Canton.
I hope to see a few familur faces.