Thursday, November 18, 2010

An artist in harsh conditions

Pray for Emilie Louise Gossiaux, over a month ago she was hit by a car while on her bike. Through news feds I found out that she is still in the hospital and able to speak now. She is unable to see though. This is very sad on many accounts. One reason why I post this on my blog is that this girl is a brilliant artist! and before the accident, had been through a lot. I met her when she transfered to my high school in '06. The reasons for her move was due to hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans. She went to high school in the orleans aria at one of the top art high schools. She is now attending one of the top art colleges (Cooper Union), but instead of living the life of a normal college student she is in a hospital bed. Please prey for this amazing artist, and hope that she can get back on her feet once again.

Questions I ask after three glasses of wine

If artists constantly makes work that is a dissatisfaction to themselves, then why is it that we make a career out of unsatisfied things? How morbid is it to know that producing is satisfying but the final will never live its expectations? How do I enter into a career knowing my work may be better then the last, but will never be the best? This is the confidence I struggle to concur.