Monday, November 9, 2009

the Start of a Business

The start of a business that is right! Squidfire ( ), whom I had an internship with over the summer, is allowing me to be apart of Art Market, their December show. They have been so supportive with my education and helping me trying to launch this that it is greatly appreciated. 
I plan on selling woven items, ceramic pieces and blank books. I need to have all this completed before the show which is December 13th. How I am going to get that all done on top of school work, finals, and on top of having two jobs... I don't know. I guess I just like to put a lot on my plate. 
Although because I want this to be a career move I want to come up with a good company name... I've been stumped. any suggestions would be ok by me!
Wish me luck in completing and in success! As for right now Squidfire is God sent. Thank you boys for all you have done! And once again congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!

Round Two

Because I loved the Ikat project so much I want to do it again!
This time I want to fallow deconstructed buildings and mainly focus on staircases. The process that I want to use is thiox and bleach. These methods will take the color out of what is in the yarn which will fallow the deconstructing of the buildings. I will use the chunkiest yarn I can find, because thumb size yarn is way better then hair size yarn... end of story on that. No actually thicker yarn will be better because it looks more architectural. Also, I want to do an installation with it where it comes down from the ceiling, and thicker yarn will be easier to see the texture than thin yarn. 
As soon as I get things rolling I will post images. 
Also when I get the mold weaving back I will document that as well and post it.