Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A U-Haul Full of Wool

A good family friend is handing me wool that he has saved for 5 years! I couldn't be any more excited to get back into the dye kitchen! Five years worth of wool... with a flock of 13 sheep! All a gift to me!!! All thanks to Jonny!

A little diddy behind this... the old farmer tells me he has a few bags that I may take. All I had to do was fetch it from where it was stored. I go into this thinking a few bags here and there with wool in the worst condition.

On the way to the barn I count the number of sheep. The total 13. Now, understand that earlier that week the farmer told me he had 9. You may ask where these extra 4 came from, but if you knew the forgetful minded farmer you would understand. Either way 13 sheep more or less... producing pelts for the past five years... = a LOT!

We arrive to the bags of wool, and there were just too many bags to count, and Jonny tells me he has more bags else where from prior years that I may have. He jokes that I will need a U-Haul to fetch it all back to Baltimore, but there isn't any joke behind this. I will!

I plan on getting back to Baltimore and start cleaning it right away!!! My hands are feeling way hot, and I need to get making making making!

Monday, August 9, 2010

It Happens For A Reason

Everything happens for a reason. I live by this phrase, and recently it has proven itself true. For instance Haystack! In order to understand this I need to start the story from the beginning.

In February (or maybe it was March) I decided that I would apply for two summer courses at Haystack Mountain School of Craft. This decision was made 20 hours before the deadline. I scrambled last minute to have the necessary papers. I completed everything on time by the grace of God, and in a few weeks I got the results. In a small envelope I was notified that I did not get into the school, but I was among the top to be considered. They were sorry.
I didn't let this put me down. After all I did decide this last minute. What was I expecting? Weeks later I received a phone call saying a spot opened up, but I wouldn't receive the scholarship I applied for. I figured it was meant for me to go, and I would find the means to pay... somehow.
Sure enough I would work for a month to gain the money to go. Today, only a week till the class, I was informed that I would receive a scholarship! A great amount that almost pays for the whole session.

This proves that everything happens for a reason. I am meant to go. I can't wait to see the true reason to why I am to be at this place. Am I to have a wonderful eye opener? Am I to create a new branch of work? Am I to meet someone that will help me in my career? Or am I to just meet? Or am I to just create? I am so excited! I can hardly wait!