Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day Two:
So some of my raspberries got a tad smashed last night when I put them away. I thing that the juice will help the cereal get soggy which will help it mold. mmmm making me hungry? 
When I went into the kitchen to document my molding process I found a note and a present from one of my roommates. I got excited thinking he baked something for me, but when I got closer I found MOLD! Must admit it had some interesting colors and texture. 

He gave me a present in a different way. (ps. notice the "Deli Fresh" on the label)
<3 thanks Dear

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

While on the street

So I heard today that a dear friend of mine went to the hospital a few days ago. I became worried for her right away, and tried to do what I could to make sure she got better. So I went to the store to pick a few things up for her, and while I was there I picked up my raspberries for Ikat.
I started going through my head how I would be the last one to know about her being in the hospital. I mean our friends in Italy heard about her being in the hospital way before me. It was something I thought about. 
My connection is something that could be trashed is being cherished for the better of a project. Maybe my friends in Italy are the mold?
For my Ikat project I will be following the growth of mold on raspberries and cereal. This is something that I eat everyday, but will keep a bag set aside to see the transformation of color to its properties. 
I bought red 3/2, shell 3/2 and a dusty coral 3/2 color. All are cotton and will be bleaching, thyoxing and top dyeing them the colors needed. For this process I will immerse dye them in a bath to get the colors, and will use ikat tape to resist the colors. The final piece will be 30"x40".

Friday, September 25, 2009