Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Learning can be free!

I am assisting an artist at the Baltimore Convention Center this week for the American Craft Council Show. Yesterday and today are for wholesale items. Meaning gallery owners, boutique buyers, interior decorators, and magazine editors are all right at my disposal!!! Oh and the rest of the four days are for retail.
I am learning so much already though! I was surprised how easy and how quick it can be to make a booth look so professional. It seriously took us two (2) hours to set up his booth. That includes parking, unloading, putting carpet and setting up walls and artwork and driving away. Done, out of there see you tomorrow, and it looks like it is a gallery space.

Yesterday was the first day for the show. After seeing how easy it was to make a booth your own; I was able to have a keener eye to inspecting others booths. Today I will go around and take notes of the booths I like and those I don't and why. Is it because of the work? Is it the display? Is it the spacing, color, size, shape, texture, sound, placing of the displays and booths? So much is put into factor when it comes to a successful booth. Right now, I get all this information for free!

Not to mention I love the atmosphere! The idea of these fairs! It is all too great, and I have been away for too long!
Our neighbor is the best by the way. She is older, in her 50's, and so interested in me and my craft. I think it has to do with the fact that I am young. So she told me to bring in my felted toys today so that she can have a look. Then she went on telling me about the history of craft shows. Did you know it started when World War II ended? Well, it did! Well, officially that is.
So I am learning a lot and it's only the second day out of seven!
Oh and did I mention demos!? I am required to goto the three on felting. This is what the guy I am working for told me.
Gah! I love these events!

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